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Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Numbers

Important numbers to have at the ready.

In an emergency situation, calling 911 on a cell phone will not get you to your local police. The 911 call goes to the California Highway Patrol in Vallejo and then routed to the local agency.  This adds time to the needed response.  It would be faster to call your local police department's or fire departments emergency number.

Calling 911 on a telephone land line is fine and goes direct to your local police.  It is just cell phone 911 calls that are routed to Vallejo.  If you are on the highway and making a 911 call on your cell, make sure to provide your location.

Below are some important telephone numbers for Petaluma and the Sonoma County Sheriff communication centers:
  • Petaluma Police EMERGENCY cell phone calls: 707-762-2727. (Also good for land lines)
  • Petaluma Fire EMERGENCY cell phone calls: 762-4545. (Also good for land lines)
  • Sonoma County Sheriff EMERGENCY cell phone calls: 707-565-2121.  (Also good for land lines)
  • National Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222
Non-emergency Petaluma police numbers:
  • Non-Emergency: 707-778-4372:
  • Administration:  707-778-4370
  • Code Enforcement:  707-778-4469
  • Graffiti Hotline:  707-776-3606
  • Records:  707-778-4372
  • Property & Evidence:  707-778-4328
Remember that police dispatchers treat 911 calls as the highest priority, putting all other calls on hold.  Therefore, only use 911 for the following reasons:
  • Injured people
  • Vehicle accidents with injuries
  • Fires
  • Physical fights in progress, including domestic violence
  • Calls involving weapons
  • A burglary or robbery in progress
  • Prowlers
When you call 911, be prepared to answer the following questions you may be asked:
  • Where is the problem occurring?
  • What is happening?
  • Is it happening now?
  • Is anyone injured?
  • Is the caller involved?
  • Who is involved and what do they look like?
  • Are there any weapons involved?
  • Has anyone been drinking?
  • If vehicles are involved, what do the look like?
  • If the call is of a burglary or theft, what was taken?
It is important that certain information to be gathered in a short period of time. Asking specific questions is the best way to get the information. Please do not be offended if you are interrupted by the dispatcher.


-Disaster Preparedness Committee

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